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Drought effects on growth, biochemical changes and leaf gas exchange in laurel (Laurus nobilis L.)

Christine Ishimwe and Ayşe Deligöz
Central European Forestry Journal 70 (2) 122 (2024)

Vesicle formation-related protein CaSec16 and its ankyrin protein partner CaANK2B jointly enhance salt tolerance in pepper

Bentao Yan, Linyang Zhang, Kexin Jiao, Zhenze Wang, Kang Yong and Minghui Lu
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Intrinsic morphology and spatial distribution of non‐structural carbohydrates contribute to drought resistance of two mulberry cultivars

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Study on the Potential for Stimulating Mulberry Growth and Drought Tolerance of Plant Growth-Promoting Fungi

Ting Ou, Meng Zhang, Haiying Gao, Fei Wang, Weifang Xu, Xiaojiao Liu, Li Wang, Ruolin Wang and Jie Xie
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Morphological, physiological and metabolomic analysis to unravel the adaptive relationship between root growth of ephemeral plants and different soil habitats

Mengwen Peng, Hao He, Meng Jiang, Zhongke Wang, Guifang Li and Li Zhuang
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Impacts of Drought Stress on Some Physiological Features of Two Important Grapevine Cultivars (Vitis vinefera cv; ‘Yaghuti’ and ‘Bidanesefid’)

Azam Moayedinezhad, Behrooz Mohammadparast, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh, Ehsan Mohseni fard and Mohammad Ali Nejatian
Erwerbs-Obstbau 65 (6) 1899 (2023)

The Effect of Inoculum with the Glomus mosseae and Palm Frond Detritus on the Yield of Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) and the Ratio of Protein to Proline under Varying Irrigation Levels

Karrar Ali Karim Shubbar and Jawad Abdul-Kadhm Kamal
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Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi modulate physiological and morphological adaptations in para rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) under water deficit stress

Rujira Tisarum, Thapanee Samphumphuang, Suravoot Yooyoungwech, Harminder Pal Singh and Suriyan Cha-um
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The Response of Three Mandarin Cultivars Grafted on Sour Orange Rootstock to Salinity Stress

Seyedeh Marzieh Madani, Saeed Piri and Shahram Sedaghathoor
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Application of Morphological and Physiological Markers for Study of Drought Tolerance in Lilium Varieties

Xiang Li, Wenjie Jia, Jie Zheng, Lulin Ma, Qing Duan, Wenwen Du, Guangfen Cui, Xiangning Wang and Jihua Wang
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Combined effects of water stress and salinity on growth, physiological, and biochemical traits in two walnut genotypes

Baoqing Wang, Junpei Zhang, Dong Pei and Lei Yu
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Glucose modulates copper induced changes in photosynthesis, ion uptake, antioxidants and proline in Cucumis sativus plants

Mohammad Yusuf, Alia S. Saeed Almehrzi, Alya J. Nasir Alnajjar, Pravej Alam, Nesma Elsayed, Radwan Khalil and Shamsul Hayat
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Salicylic acid and kaolin effects on pomological, physiological, and phytochemical characters of hazelnut (Corylus avellana) at warm summer condition

Marziyeh Khavari, Reza Fatahi and Zabihollah Zamani
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Varied tolerance and different responses of five citrus rootstocks to acid stress by principle component analysis and orthogonal analysis

Shiping Zhu, Jiangfei Nong, Guotao Luo, et al.
Scientia Horticulturae 278 109853 (2021)

Transcriptome-wide characterization and functional analysis of Xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase/hydrolase (XTH) gene family of Salicornia europaea L. under salinity and drought stress

Richard John Tiika, Jia Wei, Guangxin Cui, Yanjun Ma, Hongshan Yang and Huirong Duan
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Exploring the use of scions and rootstocks from xeric areas to improve drought tolerance in Castanea sativa Miller

Álvaro Camisón, M. Ángela Martín, Víctor Flors, Paloma Sánchez-Bel, Gloria Pinto, María Vivas, Víctor Rolo and Alejandro Solla
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Comparative studies on the stress responses of two Bupleurum (Apiaceae) species in support of conservation programmes

Sara González-Orenga, María Elisa D.A. Leandro, Laura Tortajada, Marius N. Grigore, Juan A. Llorens, P. Pablo Ferrer-Gallego, Emilio Laguna, Monica Boscaiu and Oscar Vicente
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Chitosan and salicylic acid regulate morpho-physiological and phytochemical parameters and improve water-deficit tolerance in milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.)

Rahele Ghanbari Moheb Seraj, Mahdi Behnamian, Asadollah Ahmadikhah, Vahid Shariati and Sara Dezhsetan
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CaFtsH06, A Novel Filamentous Thermosensitive Protease Gene, Is Involved in Heat, Salt, and Drought Stress Tolerance of Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Jing-Jing Xiao, Rui-Xing Zhang, Abid Khan, Saeed ul Haq, Wen-Xian Gai and Zhen-Hui Gong
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Comparing transcriptional responses to Fusarium crown rot in wheat and barley identified an important relationship between disease resistance and drought tolerance

Z. Y. Su, J. J. Powell, S. Gao, M. Zhou and C. Liu
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Evaluation of effective quantum yields of photosystem II for CO2 leakage monitoring in carbon capture and storage sites

Wenmei He, Gayoung Yoo and Youngryel Ryu
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Genome‐wide association study of cyanogenic glycosides, proline, sugars, and pigments in Eucalyptus cladocalyx after 18 consecutive dry summers

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Weighted gene coexpression network analysis-based identification of key modules and hub genes associated with drought sensitivity in rice

Baiyang Yu, Jianbin Liu, Di Wu, Ying Liu, Weijian Cen, Shaokui Wang, Rongbai Li and Jijing Luo
BMC Plant Biology 20 (1) (2020)

Effects of Elevated Root-Zone CO2 on Root Morphology and Nitrogen Metabolism Revealed by Physiological and Transcriptome Analysis in Oriental Melon Seedling Roots

Xinyu Chen, Zepeng Yin, Yang Yin, Chuanqiang Xu, Wanxin Wang, Yiling Liu and Tianlai Li
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The application of exogenous PopW increases the tolerance of Solanum lycopersicum L. to drought stress through multiple mechanisms

Xiaosi Zhou, Yu Chen, Yangyang Zhao, Fangyuan Gao and Hongxia Liu
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Screening pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) genotypes for drought tolerance using physiological and phytochemical characteristics

S. Faraji, M. Hadadinejad, V. Abdossi, T. Basaki and S. Karami
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Physiological and PIP Transcriptional Responses to Progressive Soil Water Deficit in Three Mulberry Cultivars

Xu Cao, Qiudi Shen, Sang Ma, Li Liu and Jialing Cheng
Frontiers in Plant Science 11 (2020)

Selection of somaclonal variants of maracuyá (passiflora Edulis var Flavicarpa. Deneger) tolerants to water deficit

Ivan Dario Loaiza Campiño, Neftalí Mesa López and Andrés Mauricio Villegas Hiencapié
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Screening for durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) cultivar resistance to drought stress using an integrated physiological approach

Amira Guellim, Bertrand Hirel, Olivier Chabrerie, et al.
Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology 23 (4) 355 (2020)

Impact assessment of high soil CO2 on plant growth and soil environment: a greenhouse study

Wenmei He, Gayoung Yoo, Mohammad Moonis, Youjin Kim and Xuanlin Chen
PeerJ 7 e6311 (2019)

A small heat shock protein CaHsp25.9 positively regulates heat, salt, and drought stress tolerance in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Xiao-Hui Feng, Huai-Xia Zhang, Muhammad Ali, et al.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 142 151 (2019)

Comparative transcriptome, physiological and biochemical analyses reveal response mechanism mediated by CBF4 and ICE2 in enhancing cold stress tolerance in Gossypium thurberi

Xiaoyan Cai, Richard Odongo Magwanga, Yanchao Xu, et al.
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Microbial Probiotics for Agricultural Systems

Ana Furlan, Eliana Bianucci, Micaela Sequeira, et al.
Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection, Microbial Probiotics for Agricultural Systems 239 (2019)

Evaluation of Some Biochemical Characteristics of Some Red Bean Ecotypes under Drought Stress Conditions

Amin Baghizadeh, Somayeh Mohammadinejad and Mehdi Rahimi
Journal of Crop Breeding 11 (29) 55 (2019)

Evaluation of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) biochemical traits in normal and drought stress conditions to identify drought tolerant clones

Mehdi Rahimi, Mojtaba Kordrostami and Mojtaba Mortezavi
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 25 (1) 59 (2019)

Multiple transcriptional regulation of walnut JrGSTTau1 gene in response to osmotic stress

Guiyan Yang, Shuwen Chen, Dapei Li, Xiangqian Gao, Liyuan Su, Shaobing Peng and MeiZhi Zhai
Physiologia Plantarum 166 (3) 748 (2019)

Comprehensive biochemical insights into the seed germination of walnut under drought stress

Naser Lotfi, Ali Soleimani, Kourosh Vahdati and Ramazan Çakmakçı
Scientia Horticulturae 250 329 (2019)

Inducing drought tolerance in greenhouse grown Juglans regia by imposing controlled salt stress: The role of osmotic adjustment

Soheil Karimi, Hadis Karami, Ali Mokhtassi-Bidgoli, Vahid Tavallali and Kourosh Vahdati
Scientia Horticulturae 239 181 (2018)

Physiological responses of commercial sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) varieties to moisture deficit stress tolerance

Manel Dapanage and Sumangala Bhat
Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 23 (1) 40 (2018)

Impact of salt stress on morpho-physiological and biochemical parameters of Solanum lycopersicum cv. Microtom leaves

H. Bacha, M. Tekaya, S. Drine, et al.
South African Journal of Botany 108 364 (2017)

Physiological Response of Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) Seedlings to Drought

Matthew A. Merz, Raymon A. Donahue and Mary E. Poulson
Northwest Science 91 (2) 140 (2017)

Vinblastine and Vincristine Alkaloids Production From Callus of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don under Some abiotic factors

Kareem T .Khashan and Mohammed A.H.Al-Athary
Al-Kufa University Journal for Biology 8 (2) 9 (2016)

Over-expression of JrsHSP17.3 gene from Juglans regia confer the tolerance to abnormal temperature and NaCl stresses

Meizhi Zhai, Yudong Sun, Caixia Jia, et al.
Journal of Plant Biology 59 (5) 549 (2016)

A Potential Role of Flag Leaf Potassium in Conferring Tolerance to Drought-Induced Leaf Senescence in Barley

Seyed A. Hosseini, Mohammad R. Hajirezaei, Christiane Seiler, Nese Sreenivasulu and Nicolaus von Wirén
Frontiers in Plant Science 7 (2016)

Physiological and morphological response to drought stress in seedlings of ten citrus

Tahereh Zaher-Ara, Naser Boroomand and Mohammad Sadat-Hosseini
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How tree roots respond to drought

Ivano Brunner, Claude Herzog, Melissa A. Dawes, Matthias Arend and Christoph Sperisen
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Assessment of drought tolerance of 49 switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) genotypes using physiological and morphological parameters

Yiming Liu, Xunzhong Zhang, Hong Tran, et al.
Biotechnology for Biofuels 8 (1) (2015)

Cloning and functional validation of molybdenum cofactor sulfurase gene from Ammopiptanthus nanus

Hao Qiang Yu, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Tai Ming Yong, et al.
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Isolation, molecular cloning and characterization of a cold-responsive gene, AmDUF1517, from Ammopiptanthus mongolicus

Lijiang Gu and Hongmei Cheng
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Screening of Eight Eucalypt Genotypes (Eucalyptus sp.) for Water Deficit Tolerance Using Multivariate Cluster Analysis

S. Cha-um, S. Somsueb, T. Samphumphuang and C. Kirdmanee
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 173 (3) 753 (2014)

Analysis of emergence stage facilitates the evaluation of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes for salinity tolerance imparted by mycorrhizal colonization

Neera Garg, Geetanjali Manchanda and Priyanka Singla
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 36 (10) 2651 (2014)

Aridity promotes differences in proline and phytohormone levels in Pinus pinaster populations from contrasting environments

L. Corcuera, E. Gil-Pelegrin and E. Notivol
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Effects of fertilization and drought stress on tannin biosynthesis of Casuarina equisetifolia seedlings branchlets

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Shuang Shao and ShuLi Tan
Journal of Plant Nutrition 35 (14) 2107 (2012)