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A new method for the production of particles with heat-sensitive nutrients by combining low-temperature closed-loop spray drying and natural plant carriers

Zexin Lei, Timothy Langrish, Chao Zhong, Zelin Zhou, Osama Rehman and Eleanor Rose Kearns
Drying Technology 42 (2) 269 (2024)

Influence of wood type on anthraquinone levels and quality properties of smoked chipotle pepper

M.d.C. Valdez-Cárdenas, A. Quintero-Ramos, J. Mendoza, C.O. Meléndez-Pizarro, M.A. Sánchez-Madrigal, J.C. Espinoza-Hicks and D. Talamás-Lara
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Projecting the contribution of pro-vitamin A maize biofortification and other nutrition interventions to the nutritional adequacy and cost of diets in rural Zimbabwe

Frédéric Baudron, Jill E. Cairns, Stephan M. Haefele, Kirsty L. Hassall, Thokozile Ndhlela, Isaiah Nyagumbo, Muneta G. Manzeke-Kangara and Edward J.M. Joy
The Journal of Nutrition (2024)

Delivery systems designed to enhance stability and suitability of lipophilic bioactive compounds in food processing: A review

Min Hyeock Lee, Hyeong Do Kim and Yun Jae Jang
Food Chemistry 437 137910 (2024)

Drying kinetics, powder properties, and bioactive components of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L.) dried by microwave-assisted foam-mat approach

Özge Süfer, Ravi Pandiselvam and Yoncagül Yavaş Kaya
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 14 (1) 1275 (2024)

Biochemical Profile and Antioxidant Activity of Dried Fruit Produced from Apricot Cultivars Grown in Latvia

Karina Juhnevica-Radenkova, Inta Krasnova, Dalija Seglina, Edite Kaufmane, Ilze Gravite, Anda Valdovska and Vitalijs Radenkovs
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Carotenoid fates in plant foods: Chemical changes from farm to table and nutrition

Yanqi Wang, Feilong Yang, Ting Liu, Chengying Zhao, Fengying Gu, Hengjun Du, Feng Wang, Jinkai Zheng and Hang Xiao
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 64 (5) 1237 (2024)

Evaluation of the Content of Minerals, B-Group Vitamins, Tocols, and Carotenoids in Raw and In-House Cooked Wild Edible Plants

Alessandra Fratianni, Donatella Albanese, Giuseppe Ianiri, Caroline Vitone, Francesca Malvano, Pasquale Avino and Gianfranco Panfili
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The Impact of Different Drying Methods on the Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiles of Arthrospira platensis

Marika Mróz, Karol Parchem, Joanna Jóźwik, M. Rosário Domingues and Barbara Kusznierewicz
Molecules 29 (8) 1747 (2024)

Relationship between optical properties and internal quality of melon tissues during storage and simulation-based optimization of spectral detection in diffuse reflectance mode

Shanghong Yang, Qingji Tian, Zhuanwei Wang and Wenchuan Guo
Postharvest Biology and Technology 213 112935 (2024)

Optogenetic control of beta-carotene bioproduction in yeast across multiple lab-scales

Sylvain Pouzet, Jessica Cruz-Ramón, Matthias Le Bec, Céline Cordier, Alvaro Banderas, Simon Barral, Sara Castaño-Cerezo, Thomas Lautier, Gilles Truan and Pascal Hersen
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 11 (2023)

Changes in the Quality of Plain Yogurt Made From Cow’s, Goat’s, and Sheep’s Milk Within the Shelf Life

Tomasz Daszkiewicz, Sylwia Kocenka and Jan Miciński
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Effects of Different Processing Methods on the Quality and Physicochemical Characteristics of Laminaria japonica

Zuomiao Yang, Xueting Li, Meiqi Yu, Shan Jiang and Hang Qi
Foods 12 (8) 1619 (2023)

The role of orphan crops in the transition to nutritional quality-oriented crop improvement

Vincent Verbeecke, Laura Custódio, Simon Strobbe and Dominique Van Der Straeten
Biotechnology Advances 68 108242 (2023)

Determination of Bioactive Components in Mandarin Fruits: A Review

Marija Sigurnjak Bureš, Luna Maslov Bandić and Kristina Vlahoviček-Kahlina
Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry 53 (7) 1489 (2023)

Md. Abdul Alim, Allabeen Karim, Md. Atiqur Rahman Shohan, Sourav Chandra Sarker, Tayeba Khan, Sukanto Mondal, Md. Esrafil, Khan Md. Murtaja Reza Linkon, Farhana Akther and Rokeya Begum

Influence of different pre-treatments on flavor quality of freeze-dried carrots mediated by carotenoids and metabolites during 120-day storage

Ying Lyu, Qinqin Chen, Min Gou, Xinye Wu and Jinfeng Bi
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Alfalfa as a vegetable source of β-carotene: The change mechanism of β-carotene during fermentation

Cheng Zong, Yu Xiao, Tao Shao, Jiachi Amber Chiou, Aili Wu, Zhongyong Huang, Chen Chen, Wanqi Jiang, Jiugang Zhu, Zhihao Dong, Qinhua Liu and Mao Li
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Evaluation and quantification of associations between commonly suggested milk biomarkers and the proportion of grassland-based feeds in the diets of dairy cows

Amy Birkinshaw, Michael Sutter, Beat Reidy, Laurence Jungo, Stefanie Mueller, Michael Kreuzer, Melissa Terranova and Luis Alonso Villalobos
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Effect of clarification on physicochemical properties and nutrient retention of pressed and blended cashew apple juice

Angela Aluko, Edna Makule and Neema Kassim
Food Science & Nutrition 11 (4) 1891 (2023)

Volatile Aroma Compounds of Gavina® Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus L.) Dietary Fibers to Increase Food Sustainability

Veronica D’Eusanio, Laura Maletti, Andrea Marchetti, Fabrizio Roncaglia and Lorenzo Tassi
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Whey Protein Isolate-Mesona chinensis Polysaccharide Conjugate: Characterization and Its Applications in O/W Emulsions

Meixiang Yao, Xin Qi, Jiahui Zhang, Chengyuan Wang and Jianhua Xie
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Biobased, Degradable, and Conjugated Poly(Azomethine)s

Azalea Uva, Angela Lin and Helen Tran
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Effect of botanical composition of free-range areas on production results and selected meat quality parameters of organic Yellowleg Partridge chickens

Ewa Sosnówka-Czajka, Iwona Skomorucha and Iwona Radkowska
Annals of Animal Science 23 (2) 571 (2023)

Stabilization of Sunflower Oil with Biologically Active Compounds from Berries

Aliona Ghendov-Mosanu, Violina Popovici, Cristina Gabriela Constantinescu (Pop), Olga Deseatnicova, Rodica Siminiuc, Iurie Subotin, Raisa Druta, Adela Pintea, Carmen Socaciu and Rodica Sturza
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Improvements in the functions of probiotic-based mango pulp rich in phenolic and proline antioxidants by treatment with pectinase and fermentation with lactic acid bacteria

Areeya Laophongphit, Surasak Siripornadulsil and Wilailak Siripornadulsil
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Study on stability of antioxidant activity of fresh, pasteurized, and commercial fruit juice during refrigerated storage

Md. Abdul Alim, Allabeen Karim, Md. Atiqur Rahman Shohan, Sourav Chandra Sarker, Tayeba Khan, Sukanto Mondal, Md. Esrafil, Khan Md. Murtaja Reza Linkon, Md. Nannur Rahman, Farhana Akther and Rokeya Begum
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Thermal stabilities of lycopene and β-carotene in tomato pulp and pink grapefruit juice

Hanim Sevindik Baç, Oktay Yemiş and Mehmet Özkan
Journal of Food Engineering 337 111217 (2023)

Murici (Byrsonima verbascifolia): A high bioactive potential fruit for application in cereal bars

Gabrielle Lázara Ribeiro Rodrigues de Barros Vinhal, Marcio Augusto Ribeiro Sanches, Milene Teixeira Barcia, Daniele Rodrigues and Paula Becker Pertuzatti
LWT 160 113279 (2022)

VOCs Analysis of Three Different Cultivars of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) Whole Dietary Fiber

Laura Maletti, Veronica D’Eusanio, Caterina Durante, Andrea Marchetti and Lorenzo Tassi
Molecules 27 (24) 8747 (2022)

Development of Liquid Crystal Cream Containing Germinated Brown Rice

Suekanya Jarupinthusophon, Phatlita Preechataninrat and Oraphan Anurukvorakun
Applied Sciences 12 (21) 11113 (2022)

Sylvain Pouzet, Jessica Cruz-Ramon, Matthias Le Bec, Céline Cordier, Alvaro Banderas, Simon Barral, Benoit Sorre, Sara Castano-Cerezo, Thomas Lautier, Gilles Truan and Pascal Hersen

Effects of hot-air drying temperature on drying characteristics and color deterioration of rape bee pollen

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Food Chemistry: X 16 100464 (2022)

Cultivar and Postharvest Storage Duration Influence Fruit Quality, Nutritional and Phytochemical Profiles of Soilless-Grown Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons

Boitshepo L. Pulela, Martin M. Maboko, Puffy Soundy and Stephen O. Amoo
Plants 11 (16) 2136 (2022)

Theoretical study on the mechanism and kinetics of the formation β-carotene epoxides from the oxidative degradation of β-carotene

Mahdieh Darijani, Mehdi Shahraki and Sayyed Mostafa Habibi-Khorassani
Food Chemistry 389 133082 (2022)

Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on microbial inactivation and quality changes in carrot-orange juice blends at varying pH

Prashant Raj Pokhrel, Camille Boulet, Semanur Yildiz, Shyam Sablani, Juming Tang and Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
LWT 159 113219 (2022)

Fabrication and characterizations of cyclic amylopectin-based delivery system incorporated with β-carotene

Yanli Wang, Chen Chen, Xiuting Hu, Osvaldo H. Campanella and Ming Miao
Food Hydrocolloids 130 107680 (2022)

Fatty acid profile, secondary compounds and antioxidant activities in the fresh forage, hay and silage of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) and sulla (Hedysarum coronarium)

Pablo José Rufino‐Moya, Juan Ramón Bertolín, Mireia Blanco, Sandra Lobón and Margalida Joy
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 102 (11) 4736 (2022)

Heat and Light Stability of Pumpkin-Based Carotenoids in a Photosensitive Food: A Carotenoid-Coloured Beverage

Sharmaine Atencio, Sarah H. E. Verkempinck, Kai Reineke, Marc Hendrickx and Ann Van Loey
Foods 11 (3) 485 (2022)

Feasibility of Individual Carotenoid Quantification in Mixtures Using UV-Vis Spectrophotometry with Multivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Squares (MCR-ALS)

Nawel Achir, Adrien Servent, Marvin Soto, Claudie Dhuique-Mayer and K.S.V. Krishna Rao
Journal of Spectroscopy 2022 1 (2022)

Preparation of functionalized pectin through acylation with alkyl gallates: Experiments coupled with density functional theory

Yuanhong Zhuang, Zhengli Guo, Qiong Zhang, Jingna Liu, Peng Fei and Bingqing Huang
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 202 278 (2022)

Goji Berry (Lycium Barbarum L.) Carotenoids Enrichment through ‘Green’ Extraction Method Improves Oxidative Stability and Maintains Fatty Acids of Yak Ghee with Microwave Heating and Storage

Anita Nkansah Agyare, Chang Hong An and Qi Liang
Foods 11 (3) 369 (2022)

Brazilian tucumã-do-Amazonas (Astrocaryum aculeatum) and tucumã-do-Pará (Astrocaryum vulgare) fruits: bioactive composition, health benefits, and technological potential

Ana Paula da Fonseca Machado, Roberto de Paula do Nascimento, Mariana da Rocha Alves, Lívia Mateus Reguengo and Mario Roberto Marostica Junior
Food Research International 151 110902 (2022)

Enhancing bioaccessibility and bioavailability of carotenoids using emulsion-based delivery systems

Nuntarat Boonlao, Uracha Rungsardthong Ruktanonchai and Anil Kumar Anal
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 209 112211 (2022)

Analysis of volatile metabolite variations in strip green tea during processing and effect of rubbing degree using untargeted and targeted metabolomics

Wen Ouyang, Yaya Yu, Huajie Wang, Yongwen Jiang, Jinjie Hua, Jingming Ning and Haibo Yuan
Food Research International 162 112099 (2022)

Opportunities for the marine carotenoid value chain from the perspective of fucoxanthin degradation

Zuhaili Yusof, Nicholas M.H. Khong, Wee Sim Choo and Su Chern Foo
Food Chemistry 383 132394 (2022)

Nutritional Quality of Wet and Dry Processed Moringa oleifera Lam. Leaves: A Review

Ngwekazi Nwabisa Mehlomakulu and Mohammad Naushad Emmambux
Food Reviews International 38 (8) 1635 (2022)

Innovative Technologies for Extraction and Microencapsulation of Bioactives from Plant-Based Food Waste and Their Applications in Functional Food Development

Monalisha Pattnaik, Pooja Pandey, Gregory J. O. Martin, Hari Niwas Mishra and Muthupandian Ashokkumar
Foods 10 (2) 279 (2021)

Characterization and storage study of chickpea flour films with UV-barrier and Cu-remove properties

A Aguirre, X. Mendez and R Borneo
Applied Food Research 1 (1) 100011 (2021)

Potential applications of algae in biochemical and bioenergy sector

Kanika Arora, Pradeep Kumar, Debajyoti Bose, Xiangkai Li and Saurabh Kulshrestha
3 Biotech 11 (6) (2021)

Investigating the Effect of Different Drying Strategies on the Quality Parameters of Daucus carota L. Using Dynamic Process Control and Measurement Techniques

Sharvari Raut, Rosalizan Md Saleh, Phil Kirchhofer, et al.
Food and Bioprocess Technology 14 (6) 1067 (2021)

Carotenoids in dehydrated persimmon: Antioxidant activity, structure, and photoluminescence

Cristina M. González, Adrián López García, Empar Llorca, Isabel Hernando, Pedro Atienzar, Almudena Bermejo, Gemma Moraga and Amparo Quiles
LWT 142 111007 (2021)

A fast and simple method for determination of β-carotene in commercial fruit juice by cloud point extraction-cold column trapping combined with UV–Vis spectrophotometry

Mehdi Safdarian, Payman Hashemi and Alireza Ghiasvand
Food Chemistry 343 128481 (2021)

A Comparison of Microfluidic-Jet Spray Drying, Two-Fluid Nozzle Spray Drying, and Freeze-Drying for Co-Encapsulating β-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Fish Oil

Yongchao Zhu, Yaoyao Peng, Jingyuan Wen and Siew Young Quek
Foods 10 (7) 1522 (2021)

Quality Evaluation of Wild and Cultivated Asparagus: A Comparison between Raw and Steamed Spears

Lucrezia Sergio, Francesca Boari, Donato Di Venere, Maria Gonnella, Vito Cantore and Massimiliano Renna
Agriculture 11 (12) 1213 (2021)

Comparative analysis of ohmic and conventional heat‐treated carrot juice

Tanima Debbarma, S. Thangalakshmi, Mansurkhan Tadakod, Rakhi Singh and Anurag Singh
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 45 (9) (2021)

A new voltammetric approach for the determination of β-carotene in vegetables and pharmaceutical capsules using a gold electrode

Granit Jashari, Sali Muriqi, Tahir Arbneshi, Radovan Metelka, Ivan Švancara and Milan Sýs
Talanta 227 122088 (2021)

Impact of household cooking techniques on colour, antioxidant and sensory properties of African pumpkin and pumpkin leaves

Petunia Mashiane, Florence M. Mashitoa, Retha M. Slabbert and Dharini Sivakumar
International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 23 100307 (2021)

Effect of steam sterilisation on lipophilic nutrient stability in a chloroplast-rich fraction (CRF) recovered from postharvest, pea vine field residue (haulm)

Jutarat Wattanakul, Mansor Syamila, Rhianna Briars, et al.
Food Chemistry 334 127589 (2021)

Biocomposites of Epoxidized Natural Rubber/Poly(Lactic Acid) Modified with Natural Substances: Influence of Biomolecules on the Aging Properties (Part II)

Anna Masek and Stefan Cichosz
Polymers 13 (11) 1677 (2021)

β-Ionone: Its Occurrence and Biological Function and Metabolic Engineering

Antonello Paparella, Liora Shaltiel-Harpaza and Mwafaq Ibdah
Plants 10 (4) 754 (2021)

Valorization and extraction optimization of Citrus seeds for food and functional food applications

Ahmed Zayed, Marwa T. Badawy and Mohamed A. Farag
Food Chemistry 355 129609 (2021)

Selection of optimal ripening stage of papaya fruit (Carica papaya L.) and vacuum frying conditions for chips making

Marvin Soto, Mariana Brenes, Nadiarid Jiménez, Carolina Cortés, Gerardina Umaña and Ana Mercedes Pérez
CyTA - Journal of Food 19 (1) 273 (2021)

Loss or Gain of Lipophilic Bioactive Compounds in Vegetables after Domestic Cooking? Effect of Steaming and Boiling

Alessandra Fratianni, Annacristina D’Agostino, Serena Niro, et al.
Foods 10 (5) 960 (2021)

The effects of cooking method on selected quality traits of broccoli and green asparagus

Marzena Danowska‐Oziewicz, Agnieszka Narwojsz, Anna Draszanowska and Natalia Marat
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 55 (1) 127 (2020)

A kinetic study of carotenoid degradation during storage of papaya chips obtained by vacuum frying with saturated and unsaturated oils

Marvin Soto, Claudie Dhuique-Mayer, Adrien Servent, et al.
Food Research International 128 108737 (2020)

Fluorimetric determination of β-carotene in food samples using a fluorescent dye

Catalina Negut Cioates and Jacobus (Koos) Frederick van Staden
Analytical Letters 53 (1) 152 (2020)

Evolution of Carotenoid Content, Antioxidant Activity and Volatiles Compounds in Dried Mango Fruits (Mangifera Indica L.)

Alessandra Fratianni, Giuseppina Adiletta, Marisa Di Matteo, et al.
Foods 9 (10) 1424 (2020)

Impact of critical control-point based intermittent drying on drying kinetics and quality of carrot (Daucus carota var. laguna)

R. Md Saleh, B. Kulig, A. Emiliozzi, O. Hensel and B. Sturm
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Investigation of dynamic quality changes and optimization of drying parameters of carrots (Daucus carota var. laguna)

Rosalizan Md Saleh, Boris Kulig, Oliver Hensel and Barbara Sturm
Journal of Food Process Engineering 43 (2) (2020)

Effects of osmotic dehydration (with and without sonication) and pectin-based coating pretreatments on functional properties and color of hot-air dried apricot cubes

Roghieh Sakooei-Vayghan, Seyed Hadi Peighambardoust, Javad Hesari and Donatella Peressini
Food Chemistry 311 125978 (2020)

Stability of mango flakes obtained by drum drying with different additives

Maira Akemi Casagrande Yamato, Vanessa Martins da Silva, Elaine de Cássia Guerreiro Souza, Cristhiane Caroline Ferrari and Silvia Pimentel Marconi Germer
Drying Technology 38 (3) 361 (2020)

β-Carotene: Preventive Role for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity: A Review

Gabriela Marcelino, David Johane Machate, Karine de Cássia Freitas, et al.
Molecules 25 (24) 5803 (2020)

Bacteria as an alternate biofactory for carotenoid production: A review of its applications, opportunities and challenges

Shristi Ram, Madhusree Mitra, Freny Shah, Sushma Rani Tirkey and Sandhya Mishra
Journal of Functional Foods 67 103867 (2020)

Free Radical Mediated Oxidative Degradation of Carotenes and Xanthophylls

Raphael C. Mordi, Olabisi T. Ademosun, Christiana O. Ajanaku, Ifedolapo O. Olanrewaju and John C. Walton
Molecules 25 (5) 1038 (2020)

Total β-carotene of β-carotene carrot powder (Daucus Carota L.) encapsulation result

M Rifqi, I S Setiasih and Y Cahayana
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 443 (1) 012063 (2020)

Bio-Based Smart Materials for Food Packaging and Sensors – A Review

Niina Halonen, Petra S. Pálvölgyi, Andrea Bassani, et al.
Frontiers in Materials 7 (2020)

Effects of ultrasound and infrared assisted conductive hydro-drying, freeze-drying and oven drying on physicochemical properties of okra slices

Vahid Baeghbali, Michael Ngadi and Mehrdad Niakousari
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 63 102313 (2020)

Emulsion‐based Encapsulation of Antioxidants

Zeynep Aksoylu Özbek, Pelin Günç Ergönül and M. Ali Aboudzadeh
Food Bioactive Ingredients, Emulsion‐based Encapsulation of Antioxidants 41 (2020)

Influence of processing methods and storage on phenolic compounds and carotenoids of apricots

Sajad Mohd Wani, F.A. Masoodi, Ehtishamul Haq, Mukhtar Ahmad and S.A. Ganai
LWT 132 109846 (2020)

Assessment of oxygen sequestration on effectiveness of Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags in reducing carotenoid degradation during post-harvest storage of two biofortified orange maize genotypes

Smith G. Nkhata, Darwin Ortiz, Dieudonne Baributsa, et al.
Journal of Cereal Science 87 68 (2019)

Effects of pretreatments on quality attributes of long-term deep frozen storage of vegetables: a review

Ximing Zhan, Zhiwei Zhu and Da-Wen Sun
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 59 (5) 743 (2019)

Effect of temperature, oxygen and light on the degradation of β-carotene, lutein and α-tocopherol in spray-dried spinach juice powder during storage

M. Syamila, M.A. Gedi, R. Briars, C. Ayed and D.A. Gray
Food Chemistry 284 188 (2019)

Purification of β‐carotene 15,15′‐monooxygenase from pig intestine and its enzymatic hydrolysis of pigment in soybean oil

Dianyu Yu, Ruchun Zhang, Yuqi Wang, Dezhi Zou, Tingting Li, Honglin Tang, Lianzhou Jiang and Liqi Wang
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 54 (2) 480 (2019)

Preservation of sweet cherry by isochoric (constant volume) freezing

Cristina Bilbao-Sainz, Amanda Sinrod, Matthew J. Powell-Palm, et al.
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 52 108 (2019)

Effect of pulsed electric fields (PEF) on physico-chemical properties, β-carotene and antioxidant activity of air-dried apricots

Wenshu Huang, Zuoshan Feng, Reheman Aila, et al.
Food Chemistry 291 253 (2019)